Career Paths and Courses

A Career Path provides a complete web-programming (JavaScript on the frontend and backend) or cybersecurity/hacker education, tailored for a specific career or interest and takes 4–9 months to complete. Our Career Paths are ideal for:
  • Anyone who wants to pursue a new, high-earning programming or web development career to become a startup founder, modern web developer, or security engineer
  • Developers who want to become more skilled and more formidable in modern web development
  • College students who realize their major won’t earn them much after graduation, and realize the wisdom in pursuing a highly paid, practical, and versatile skill like programming, be it web programming or cybersecurity
  • Adults who want to learn to code well enough to build real applications (not simple projects) and high school students who want to apply to college with an impressive technological profile
  • And the diligent (see Career Path 8: Self-Defense Security Hacker—Snowden Inspired).

Cost of Career Paths

You can register in up to two of our seven career paths at a time. The second career path usually costs around 30%–40% less when you enroll in two career paths. Our career paths comprise 9–32 courses and cost between $4,400 (JavaScript Developer) and $17,500 (Cybersecurity). For example, the JavaScript Developer Career Path comprises 9 courses (it can be completed in 4–5 months) and costs $4,400, while the Modern Frontend Developer Career Path comprises 17 courses (can be completed in 7–9 months) and costs $9,400.


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